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I'm installing Zimbra Collaboration Server on my local machine to test them mail server. During installation I got error:. I don't have experience with zimbra or mail serwer. In Internet I found incomplete solutions like:. You can install zimbra without MX record but A record of the hostname must be resolved on installation you have to set a hostname with :. We now integrate with Microsoft Teams, helping you to connect your internal knowledge base with your chat. Learn more. Asked 5 years, 1 month ago. Active 2 months ago. Viewed 12k times.

Managing Distribution list in Zimbra mail Acounts

It's also easy to setup. Let's say that upstream dns are 8. Put only these lines in the config file:. You need a line to resolve the IP of mail.

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To have the host resolv through dnsmasq, you have to set your localhost To verify that your configuration of DNS is correct you should run the following commands on the Zimbra server itself the expected output is in the boxes below the commands. You should also note that the output on your system may be slightly different than above examples but there should be an A record that points to the LAN IP address of your Zimbra server and an MX record that contains the FQDN Fully Qualified Domain Name - that's the hostname plus the domain name and it's mail.

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You should also make sure that the DNS server that is responding to your dig commands is the one you have configured on your LAN and it's the one that has your Zimbra server DNS records. If you're asked in the forums to provide the information to confirm your DNS is correct then, in addition to the above information, you should also supply the output of the following commands run on your Zimbra server :.

In this article it's assumed that you're installing the DNS server on your Zimbra server so your resolv. Although it's mentioned in other articles it bears repeating that your hosts file should look like this:. The line for the loopback adapter The hosts file should also be formatted as shown and have the LAN IP of your Zimbra server as shown in the DNS records and contain the hostname mail and your domain name yourdomain. If you have a number of servers inside the firewall that need to use internal addresses to communicate to each other, you should consider setting up a full internal DNS server that can be authoritative for the whole domain.

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  4. This example is not suitable for this task. So far we have exported everything from our old server, except the mailboxes themselves and any filters the users might have created. We also have the following backup folder structure The first step in the restoration process starts by restoring all domains.

    How To Restrict Users Sending to Certain Users/Domains With Policyd

    Let me also remind you again that any interruption during the the execution of these scripts could result in database corruption, these commands should be run either from a console or via a screen session. You have been warned. Login as zimbra user and issue the following commands Restoring accounts and passwords requires the use of a small script. Restoring each account will entail creating the account with a temporary password, and restoring the old password in another step.

    The user accounts, and their relative passwords are now being imported into the new server. You might get an error every now and again saying This basically means that the account which is currently being imported already exists. Also keep in mind that after the script runs, the admin password of the new server will now be the same as the admin password of the old server. You will see members being added to the various distribution lists, as the script goes thru the lists.

    Depending on the number of distribution lists, and the number of members in each list, this script could take a few minutes to finish. At this point, we have migrated all the user accounts, their passwords, all the distribution lists, and account aliases.

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    For all intents and purposes, we have a fully working server. Login to the web interface, and check that the number of accounts on the new server is the same as the number of accounts on the old server. There could be a minor discrepancy, if you have used a different domain name when you created the new server, this is due to the spam, galsync, and antivirus accounts which will lead to the number of accounts on the new server to be slightly higher than on the old one.

    Once happy with what you see, login using a normal user account, and check to see if you can send emails to your domain, using the test server. Since it is running its own DNS server, and it believes it is the mail server for your domain. The second method, seems more complicated, but it will guarantee ZERO downtime.

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    Believe it or not, it could be the fastest method to switch over to the new server. Once the switch over is complete, any users logging in to the server using IMAP or Webmail will be greeted with an empty mailbox, but any new emails arriving to the domain, will be delivered to the new server. In the final few steps we will export the mailbox data from the old server, and import it to the new server. The next process will be the most time consuming of all the processes.

    Depending on the amount of data, exporting the data could take as long as a day if not more. Data import will take just as long.

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    Now that our users can login to the new server and send and receive emails, the pressure is a bit lower. You will start seeing mailboxes being exported. This is going to take a while, so you might go endeavor in other projects. In the event that any mailboxes report errors during export, make a note of the problematic accounts, and try to re export them later, by creating a text file :. Use it as reference. We need a bash script for this. This process will also take quite a while to complete, the users may use the server freely during the import.