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After rounding the bases, Gordon wept as he pointed to the sky as a tribute to his deceased friend. The Marlins canceled their game against the Atlanta Braves that day. In a search warrant affidavit, Miami-Dade County authorities stated that a strong odor of alcohol was found on the three men who died in the crash, and evidence indicated that the boat's skipper was speeding and driving with "recklessness" that was "exacerbated by the consumption of alcohol".

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March 31, Archived from the original on September 14, Retrieved September 10, Bradenton Herald. Archived from the original on April 3, January 17, April 7, Retrieved April 10, The Miami Herald. July 17, If these records exist, how may I access them? I understand that the Spanish families spent the summer months in Comondu to escape the hot weather of Loreto.

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If one ever does arise in anyone's collection, I'd be pleased to know of it. I have a lot of information regarding this family. I would be very interested in a biography of my great-gre at-grandmother, whenever it is completed. Do you have access to the Mission San Carlos marriage records and can you verify this name? Thanks you for your assistance.

Perhaps their stay at San Carlos was relatively short. I find him in the and U. Does anyone have a photo or drawing of this man? It is a restaurant now, and pretty good at that. Teresa Russell, you were looking for some things for me. Does anyone have any hard evidence i. She is of an old family, many are buried in the San Gabriel Mission. Is there any more information on my family as they are believed to be early Californios.

I have a lot, but I am gathering more because we are going to do some articles for a local newspaper. Any information will be welcomed by me, James T.

Larson, Member. Census records are very unclear of his age, ranging for a birth from to This fa mily resided in San Luis Obispo county.

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I can find them in the and census records in this county. I would greatly appreciate any information on this family and if they are related to any of you wonderful folk. Thank you so very much for your time and any help that can be given. I have parentage. Are there any descendants of this family still living? Collins member , San Jose, Calif. You mention that they had 2 children. I have made reference to 4 children. Northrop, Vol. He was baptized 30 December after the death of his mother, probable cause of death being child birth complications.

Clerk at Monterey from about '30; comis. He went to Mexico in ' You might be surprised! It's a typical first name, but not so typical a last name. My grandfather was born in and his father was born in the late —early s. Moraga nonmember , Whittier, Calif. Moraga nonmember , Anaheim, Calif. All of their births happened in Cochise County, which includes the towns of Lowell and Bisbee Tintown. He was also born in Fronteras, Sonora. This might be the best lead yet, but I will try to investigate this further. I just haven't been able to find the connection. I would like to make a connection with these branches to share information.

Thank yo u. They are my great-great-grandparents. I would like more information on both. I found one piece of documentation on their marriage but I cannot find anything else.

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Could you please help me or give me some direction. Maria Sara baptized 15 July at Los Angeles Plaza Church, age 5 days was their first daughter and possibly their first child who survived past infancy.

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He used to speak of an article that was published in a California magazine featuring a story about an ancestor of his I believe his father's grandmother? At the time, he made copies of the article, and sent them to his two sons including my father —neither of whom remembered seeing the article.

If my memory serves me correctly, one of the most remarkable things about this woman his great-grandmother was that she lived to be an incredibly old age. My recollection is that he would say years old. He remembered meeting her once, which certainly could mean that she was born more than years earlier. Another detail was that she was of Mayan ancestry, outlived 3—4 husbands, and came to California with one of them.