Information on a career in criminal justice

Forensic scientists can make chemical and DNA tests to identify possible suspects and might also use their knowledge of ballistics to determine the type of gun that fired a particular bullet at a crime scene.

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This is another popular career with a Criminology degree. So, what do criminologists do? Their work involves studying and analysing the behaviour and methods of criminals, in order to realise what motivates them. Criminologists usually work in state or federal law enforcement agencies. Although you will not wear a police uniform, your job will be very similar to the one of a police officer, except your only duty is to conduct a murder case from top to bottom.

Usually, you can become a detective after several years of experience as a police officer.

Highest Paying Criminal Justice Careers by Education Level

Closely collaborating with forensic scientists and criminologists, you will manage the criminal activity and interview suspects, witnesses, and victims, and arrest suspects. Detectives also assist lawyers to collect evidence and confessions from anyone that might help them out in supporting their case. Criminal lawyers are responsible for defending people or organisations that have been charged with a crime or make a case against them.

They would have to deal with cases related to violence, drug crimes, thefts, fraud.

Careers in Criminal Justice

The work of a criminal lawyer involves researching and investigating the case and building a defence strategy to present in court. A criminal lawyer will also have to interview witnesses, collect evidence, advise clients how to plead and in case they defend crime suspects, negotiate with the prosecutor for lesser charges. Computer fraud investigators evaluate databases to obtain background information about criminal activity. They then interview individuals to compose a list of potential suspects.

Some computer fraud investigators go undercover to gather information from secure computer programs. Computer fraud investigators may act as witnesses in legal proceedings. Exactly annual pay for these professionals varies significantly depending on employer, location, education, and experience.

With the constant evolution of computer systems and the Internet, computer fraud investigators are likely to become in increased demand over the next decade. People who solve crimes that occur on the Internet are referred to as cyber crime agents. Sometimes, these agents investigate crimes that occur on multi-user computer networks other than the Internet. Since there are many types of crimes that can occur on computers, cyber crime agents must be knowledgeable in the skills that they carry out. Some of the most common types of crime that cyber crime agents fight are spam emails and cyber terrorism.

For the most part, these types of agents identify a crime that is taking place, followed then by identifying where the crime originated from. To become a cyber crime agent, a person will need to obtain a formal education from an accredited college. Highly trained cybercrime prevention specialists are needed to deter criminal activity and quickly working to minimize the effects of security breaches that do occur.

List of Criminal Justice Jobs

Cybercrime prevention specialists work to prevent a variety of crimes, such as computer hacking and identity theft. They assist in the development and implementation of programs that prevent cybercrimes and many also educate the public of how to avoid criminal activity. Cybercrime prevention specialists commonly complete degree programs in computer forensics, criminal justice, cybercrime, or related area.

The programs focus on security issues and ways to prevent cybercrime. Common courses include: computer security, virus protection, computer hardware, criminal investigation, and cybercrime prevention methods. Exact annual wages differ greatly on many aspects, such as location and education. Cybersecurity professionals work to prevent, identify, and effectively respond to various online attacks.

Information Technology Jobs - Criminal Justice Degree Hub

They strive to secure various types of networks and protect them from harmful attacks by hackers, viruses, and spyware. They also maintain secure practices to make sure sensitive information remains confidential. Cybersecurity employees plan and develop policies and fix any security weaknesses for their organizations. To work in cybersecurity or related computer field, individuals must complete specialized education in information technology, computer security, or other related area.

Information Technology Jobs

These programs provide instruction on various types of networks and common network security protocols. Students who are interested in pursuing security jobs should consider working as a gaming surveillance officer. These individuals specifically work for casinos and other gaming establishments to protect the property, staff, and patrons.

They ensure the establishment is operating smoothly and they monitor suspicious activities, like cheating. Gaming surveillance officers enforce gaming laws and make sure all individuals follow the rules and regulations of the facility.

Gaming surveillance officers spend most of their time behind closed doors in observation areas to monitor the activity on the gaming floor. They may leave the area for short periods of time to physically monitor the casino areas. In the event of an investigation, gaming surveillance officers provide video and audio records to the appointed individuals.

Gaming surveillance officers and other security jobs must have at least a high school diploma or GED, but some complete courses in gaming surveillance or casino security. Since technology is a major part of nearly all organizations, a great deal of information is stored on computers and electronic devices. Information security involves safeguarding information from access by unauthorized individuals.

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