Determine value of vinyl records

Each line listing should include:. Continental Records Co - Sell your 45s to us Continental Records buys and sells large quantities of brand new 45s every year.

Hi, I am Mark, the buyer at Audio Recycle.

Craigslist or Kijiji The easiest way to sell all your records in a week or less. Place a free ad and you will get local responders immediately. Hone up on your bargaining skills — if you have done little research on your collection and have no list of your records many offers will be only pennies per record. Goldmine Magazine Another method is selling them all at once to one of the used record dealers listed in Goldmine.

Go beyond book values when buying, selling and valuing records

Or, you can run ads to sell the records individually. It is suggested that you obtain an issue or two of their magazine. Your local record collector store Don't expect them to show any interest in a small bunch of used popular records. Even if they have no interest they will probably give you good advice on selling your collection to another local dealer.

For a list of collector record stores in your state click here. Other city shows are similar. Don't rent a table or bring your records — just bring your list and pay for admission.

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You should be able to talk with many local dealers who could have an interest in your list and purchasing your complete collection. Comments, corrections and additions Are all welcomed.

Please E-Mail me at conrecs gocontinental. An avid collector of records for over 48 years, Jerry Osborne has also worked full-time as an author of record price guides and reference books since The recordings of approximately 50, different artists are included. Loaded with plenty of great photos.

The Value of Vinyl - 10 Reasons To Keep Your Vinyl Records

Covers pop, rock, country, jazz, blues, and a little of everything else — from to present; from the very popular to the very, very obscure. If you're looking for individual pricing on records or CDs? This book will provide all the answers. Have some old records put away somewhere in your attic? In your basement? Did you inherit someone's collection? This page provides general information on assessing your records and determining whether you have a real goldmine or just the same old stuff everyone else has How Much Are Your Old Records Really Worth?

Please, do not phone us to discuss the value of your record collection, unique items you own or how or where to sell your records. All these questions are answered in detail below. If you must contact us, send us E-Mail. We will answer your E-Mail. Click on photos for more and larger examples. Recent 78s. Beatle 78s. Shame on you — toss them out right now. EPs 7 inch 45 RPM records with 4 songs were only made in the s and s.

Rock 'n' Roll pioneers. Everything by the Beatles. Have LPs that don't fit in the above categories? - vinyl records price guide

Early stereo Early stereo LP. Cab Calloway. Johnny Carroll. Indeed, classical vinyl can be picked up quite cheaply since vinyl is no longer considered an appropriate medium for classical music. New classical music is being released only on CD, and people that listen to classical music are generally of the older generations. The young folk who are the major purchasers of vinyl often have little to no interest in classical music.

Classic Rock

Another thing to consider in how much vinyl records are worth is whether the artist has had their work reissued on vinyl. Entire catalogues of some bands have recently been repressed on vinyl, often in gram format which provides an excellent listening experience. This will turn off all but collectors from purchasing the original, since the new version is guaranteed to lack the pops and crackles of 40 year old vinyl.

Just how much is your vinyl collection worth? Find out here: the answer might surprise you.

How often have you been to a second hand store to find vinyl and seen piles upon piles of 78s? Very few people are interested in the format or the music that was often recorded on it. Some early bop and gospel has also sold for quite a bit. So what formats are more unusual? A picture sleeve is a record sleeve with a picture on it usually of the artist , as opposed to just plain paper. Some genres are worth insane amounts of money but are rarely ever listened to.

Buy Vinyl Records at the Best Price Online

Ever heard of The Teenagers? You better believe I dusted the area where I keep my 7-inches after finding that out. While putting my records into Discogs, it turned out that I owned a handful of records that no one on Discogs either A owned or B spent the time to enter into the database. Discogs allows you to enter these records, but then you become the person responsible for getting all the facts that make cataloging your records take forever.

It takes twice as long to add a record than it does to find which edition you own.

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  • The median value of your collection on Discogs is the most accurate depiction of how much your records are worth. This number will be simultaneously larger and smaller than you think it should be. He lives in Madison, Wisconsin. Gear Longform.