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Anything that is missing means it is incomplete.

This includes the actual signature of the Notary Public! Yes, that is a common issue. The names of the principals showing in the document should match the names typed everywhere else on the documents, including the signature block and the notary section. It should also be signed that way, if the signature is clearly readable. If the actual document is illegible, meaning the wording is too light, blurry, or has a different or dark colored background, the document will not copy well into the annals of public record.

Future generations will not get a clear, readable copy and this can be seen in many early s documents. The illegible document will be returned and if a clear copy or better copy is attached to the original signature copy, the Recorders will take it. The Recorder will not record the document without the payment of the transfer tax unless it has a valid exemption. This leads us to the next rejection. The exemption has to be typed on the document but if it does not match to the ownership change, the Recorder will question it.

Sometimes a document is being recorded to reference a correction to a previously recorded document.

Without the prior recording information stated anyone reading this new document has no reference to that older document. A person who is signing as an attorney in fact for another person needs to sign a certain way.

California Edition with Los Angeles County Registrar/Recorder Dean Logan

The name of John Smith is written out in longhand by James Smith. If the recording document states in it that there is an Exhibit attached and it is not, this document will be rejected. The most common Exhibit is one which states the full legal description of the property.

Birth and Death Records

There are certain information that is required on the document to make it effective, for instance, the names of the parties and the purpose of the document — granting the property or borrowing money. Other information may not be required by statute, but it still may be cause for rejection.

There is not much to say about this reason for rejection, but perhaps some of the general public may not realize that to record a document, it has to be an original. That being said, it is also important to point out that copy machines are so good now that a person might not be able to tell between a copy and an original.

We have our methods, though! You can read about this new law at this link. The use of the exemption requires a special cover sheet to be attached to the recording document.

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Without the cover sheet the document could be rejected or the extra fee will be charged. Some days there are stupid mistakes, like when the document references a property in San Bernardino County and it is taken to the Los Angeles County for recording. The document index provided is very helpful for tracing a complete history of work completed on your property. Some properties may have extended alteration and addition histories, whiles others, you may find, have had very little work done. Fifth St. Los Angeles, CA www.

Sanborn insurance maps were created to assist fire insurance companies in assessing the risk associated with insuring a particular property. They list street blocks and building numbers, including numbers in use at the time the map was made as well as previous numbers. These maps were made between and The library owns maps for the entire state of California in its set of Sanborn Maps on microfilm, ranging from to on 72 reels.

They are catalogued under the number NR There is a guide to the Sanborn Map collection available at the reference desk, which is necessary in order to determine the reel on which your map is located. A second set of Sanborns now available at the library covers only Los Angeles City from the s through the s and a few maps into the s.

This set does not cover outlying cities such as Santa Monica, Pasadena, or the City of Industry, etc. These are shelved after the early Sanborns in the microfilm drawer. Once you have compiled information on the site and building, you will have an easier time finding out the chain of occupancy and ownership of the property, as well as events that may have occurred there.

Imperial Hwy. Norwalk, CA N.

The Land Records Division keeps records of grant deeds, which document transfer of ownership of a piece of property. By accessing this information, you can begin to track the history of ownership of your property by pulling previous deeds on the property. A deed names both a grantor and a grantee. A grantor is the person selling the property.

A grantee is the person purchasing or receiving the property.

Diseases and Conditions

Looking at the most recent deed available on the property, you can identify the grantor to the current owner. At some point, this grantor was the grantee of the property. Locate the deed on which this person is listed as the grantee. By following this process, you can gain a complete history of the ownership of your property. When tracing deeds chronologically, you may encounter gaps due to foreclosure, tax sales, or other problems.

Once you have traced the ownership of your property comes the task of determining whether the previous owners were of any importance within the Los Angeles community. Los Angeles, CA Once you have compiled a chronology of ownership for your property, there are many resources available for biographical and historical research on the previous owners. This information is important in assessing the historic or cultural value of your property.

The Central Library contains a variety of useful research sources. Searching for information on an individual can be time consuming and at times return few results. The above is only a listing of what is available at the Central Library. There are many additional resources throughout the city. Birth records are available from , death records are available from , and marriage licenses from Requests for unofficial records can be made by mail or in person.


An in-person request requires a valid photo I. Births occurring before will be mailed within 15 working days. Because of the likelihood that you are not related to the person whose record you are requesting, simply state no relation. There are few statutory exemptions from this fee; they include: Documents transferring real property e. For additional information, please read the following documents on SB2 and the reporting requirements. What is SB2 Atkins?

I am refinancing my loan. The lender is asking me to add a co-signor.

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Is there any transfer tax for a deed wherein a co-signor or co-owner is being added or removed for refinancing purposes? I want to add my child to the title deed of my house. Is there any transfer tax for a deed which involves a transfer between child ren and parent s? I want to transfer my property to my limited liability company LLC. Is there any transfer tax for a deed where the transfer is between parties in which proportional interests of the transferor s and transferee s in each and every parcel being transferred remain exactly the same after the transfer?