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Records from before are currently held at the Arkansas Department of Health. They have indexed records from onwards. There was a marriage rate of 9. Birth records more often than not refer to the certificates issued upon the birth of every single child in the state of Arkansas, or a certified copy of that original file.

Records in Arkansas are split into two sections, and present day. A state-wide registration of birth records was introduced in , but was not fully complied with until the mids. Birth records only enter the public domain years after the birth, unless a person is a direct relative.

Records are issued by the Arkansas Division of Vital Records. There was a birth rate of A state-wide registration of death records was introduced in Before , records were collected from county offices and church registers. Information recorded on these documents is given by a relative, and may or may not be correct. The Arkansas Department of Health is in charge of holding original death records. Records between and have been indexed at the Arkansas History Commission. There were 32, deaths in Arkansas in The Arkansas Freedom of Information Act was introduced in , with the most recent amendments coming in the year This Act was brought in to ensure that all residents of the state had the fundamental right to access public records.

All public records held by the state and local government may be accessed and copied by members of the public. Arkansas State Records StateRecords. Arkansas Vital Records First Name:. Please feel free to leave any comments that you think would be helpful to other researchers. We can help you place an order if you are having difficulty and we are more than happy to give you search advice, but we do not have the staff or resources to do in-depth research for our patrons. Q: How can I order a copy of a Birth Certificate?

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Order a non-certified copy directly through the online search system. Q: If I order a copy, how will it be delivered? You will receive an order-confirmation email which includes links to the images of the certificates you ordered. If you ordered with a credit card, the email with links will be sent almost instantaneously. If you opt to mail your payment, we will process your order after it arrives. Links to birth certificate images will be active for 14 days after they are sent. The Minnesota Historical Society does not mail out paper copies of birth certificates; all birth record orders are filled via email.

What should I do? Links to birth certificate images will be active for only 14 days after they are sent. Q: I ordered a Birth Certificate, but it never arrived in my in-box. Where is it? The email may have gotten caught in a spam or junk-mail filter set up by either you or by your email provider.

Q; Can I see a Birth Certificate without paying for it? Q: Where can I get a certified copy of a Birth Certificate? Q: What should I do if I find an error in the index? While both the Minnesota Department of Health and the Minnesota Historical Society are greatly concerned with the quality of the index, not all errors can be corrected.

Information in original records cannot be changed in the index, even if it is incorrect, but you can leave a user comment. User comments are searchable and can help other researchers. If you find a transcription error as opposed to an error on the certificate itself , please send the certificate number and description of the error to birthrecords mnhs.

Q: What do the letter prefixes before the certificate number mean? Occasionally a two-letter code will appear instead of a year at the beginning of a certificate number, indicating one of four special units of birth certificates. Note: the individual represented in the special unit may also have a regularly numbered birth certificate.

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The codes are:. Frequently only the first name is provided and rather than leave this field blank, whatever information is available on the certificate has been listed. However, if only "Jane" appeared on the certificate then "Jane" was entered in the index. If no information was provided, the field was left blank. Q: Can I see the attachments, correction files, etc.

Order Official Arkansas Birth Certificates Online From Arkansas Vital Records.

MNHS scanned the birth records under a contract with--and according to the directions of--the Minnesota Department of Health. While this may not comprise all of the information that a researcher wants to find, it is all the information that is available.

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Q: Does the Birth Certificate Index reflect corrections made to birth records? All corrections made to paper certificates before 1 January are included. For access to certificates with corrections made after 1 January , contact the Minnesota Department of Health. Skip to main content. Q: Which Birth Records are included in the search?

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Q: How can I see a full birth record that is in the online index? You can search in the online catalog with the county, township, or city name and the subject "birth records" for a complete listing of birth records, indexes, and registers. Some early records are held by the counties. Contact the vital statistics or registrar's office for the county in which the person was born. Q: What information is on a birth certificate - ? Search Tips for Birth Records Try searching without a first name specified: Some parents completed records without choosing a name, leading to a blank space or a first name like "Baby Boy" or "Girl.

Some Minnesota counties were established after As a result, the record of a birth in Baudette in was recorded in Beltrami County but one in in Lake of the Woods County. Try alternate spellings: Names may have been spelled differently, or the name may have simply been transcribed or entered incorrectly into the index.


Particularly helpful for names that can be spelled different ways or were easily misunderstood by clerks. Exact certificate number: If you know it, search using a year-certificate format: Sorting results: Results are initially sorted alphabetically by last name. Switch to a chronological sort by clicking on the date label at the top of the column. Clicking the date label again will reverse the list so the newest records are first.