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Although he has often been arrested and convicted, he has been little deterred by sentences as short as a few months. In , sex offences against four young boys got him just 16 months. Abducting and molesting an eight-year-old girl netted him another 56 months in jail. Getting arrested at a hotel room in with a year-old boy got him a one year sentence.

Even with this crime, Whitmore has been eligible to seek parole since In , one of the boys, Zach Miller, went public with his story in an attempt to provide hope to others who have been targeted by pedophiles — and ensure that Whitmore would never be free again. But it just keeps happening. The first obvious signs of Abrosimo as a public menace came during the serial harassment of an ex-girlfriend over a period of 12 years.

In the meantime he was racking up a myriad of other criminal charges, including a shooting committed just two months after his release from jail for sexual assault.

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A few days later, he drove his van into two young girls cycling in Langley, B. As they lay sprawled on the ground, he abducted the youngest one, an year-old, taped shut her eyes and mouth and then raped the child. At the time of both attacks Abrosimo was living in the Langley home of his mother.

Doctors surmised that the child would suffer lifelong handicaps as a result of the mistreatment.

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As a choirmaster at Anglican churches in Kingston and Victoria throughout the s and s, Gallienne had unfettered access to molest and sexually assault scores of young boys. One of his tricks was apparently to put his penis in the mouths of his young charges, telling them it would make them sing better. A conviction for the serial sexual abuse of 13 boys, two of whom later took their own lives, netted a sentence of only four and a half years — about four months per boy.

Two more convictions came while he was in prison, but he was nevertheless released by October, John the Evangelist Anglican Church. More convictions for historical sex offences arrived in both and , but each time Gallienne was merely handed probation or house arrest.

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Just this month, he was found guilty of two more sex offences from the s. Based in Edmonton, the Larsen brothers are twins who both share a lengthy history of sexually victimizing young children , as well as a track record of repeatedly regaining their freedom despite showing every sign of seeking to victimize more children.

In , Lyle was on probation for a prior sexual assault against a minor when he raped another minor at a party while photographing the crime. A later psychological assessment determined Lyle had sexually assaulted at least 19 others, some as young as four. Lyle was first released in and kept regaining release despite serious breaches in his release conditions, such as attempting to groom an year-old with autism or being caught staring at children playing in an Edmonton wading pool on Canada Day.

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Cyle received a sentence of less than three years for luring a year-old to his basement to sexually assault the girl. Here again, a string of early releases starting in resulted almost immediately in broken parole conditions, such as Cyle accessing child pornography online. In , Natomagan choked and sexually assaulted a sleeping year-old girl, seriously injuring her in the attack. He had initially choked her to stop her screaming after breaking in to her home, but decided to rape her after realizing she was still breathing.

The crime netted Natomagan a four year sentence.

In , he attacked and sexually assaulted a random year-old girl in a Prince Albert, Sask. It was at this point that Saskatchewan prosecutors sought dangerous offender status for Natomagan — but the effort was struck down by a judge and later on appeal. In , Natomagan was released into an Edmonton halfway house from which he quickly escaped.


He not only groomed his five victims for entire childhoods packed with regular rape and sexual humiliation, but he severely physically abused them as well, employing torture instruments ranging from cattle prods to buggy whips. In one case, after a boy soiled his pants after being anally raped, Cooper forced him to eat his own feces in front of the other children. Nevertheless, a combination of appeals and early release ensured that Cooper started getting out of jail as early as Thirteen-year-old Amanda Raymond died of a drug overdose at an all-night party of minors hosted by Watts, then 41, at a home on Somme Island near Cambridge, Ont.

The property is 35 years old, which is three year older than the average age of a building in Acton of 32 years.

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The total living area is 1, sqft. This address is 42 on the list of city addresses by the number of businesses registered there. The parcel number is According to the plan, there are three bedrooms. This home features two full baths.

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The ZIP code for this address is and the postal code suffix is Ads by BeenVerified More about this property. Possible Owners. County Assessor Records. Any transactions that have been made digitaly accessible by the county this property is located in. Neighborhood Safety. Associated Businesses. The type of operation was listed as Intrastate Non-Hazmat.

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The carrier is not subject to a placardable hazmat threshold and is not subject to a passenger carrier threshold Contact Information Phone: Parcel 1 Based on the property's assessment records, we are able to compare this property to the average values for the state, city, and ZIP 35 years ago Build Year.

ZIP average bild age 32 years Acton average build age 32 years Improvement Value. ZIP Owner Name. Total Living Area. Neighbors' Age Distribution The graph shows the distribution of age groups in the neighborhood based on data for the households located nearby. Acton in a Nutshell Please see our full analysis of Acton here.

Search my Location View information about the place where you are now. Parcel owner name was listed as Van Blarcom Frank P property build year West Coast Computer Service was registered at this address. Stephen A Peterson is associated with this address. Minton Jerry W is a license holder connected to this address.