How to find out if someone owns a house

I think everyone needs to be very careful about this situation. It appears to be highly complex and will probably require professional legal advice to solve. There are several questions to consider. The first is whether there are one or two titles at stake. There is the land, but the property itself might legally exist under a separate title also depending on the circumstances of its creation.

A landowner does not necessarily own anything simply by virtue of it being sited on their land, even if it as permanent a fixture as a house. Then we need to consider ownership of all titles. The land may be registered to one person, but your grandparents may have acquired title through adverse possession. Or a transaction may have happened in the past but not been recorded properly it does happen.

Or the cousing might have registered themselves as the land owner when they were not. Who knows. As for the house, it might be bound up with the land, but more likely the ownership of it belongs to whoever built it. The point of all this is that the real situation is dependent on many factors, some of which will be lost to time. No-one here can guess with any confidence.

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How To Find The Owner Of A Property, Real Estate Or Vacant (Abandoned) House

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Cheap Energy Club Ensures the cheapest energy deal constantly. Desktop version Mobile. Mobile version Desktop. Contacts Press Releases. You will need the address to search public records for the property owner's identity as well. Send a postcard to the property's address.

Find out who owns a property or piece of land

This is an unobtrusive way to introduce yourself and make your intentions known. Send it through the mail, don't just leave it in the box or on the property. If the owners have moved elsewhere, it's possible they have the mail forwarded to a different address. If the property is truly abandoned, this isn't likely, but it's worth a shot. Include your name and a phone number on the post card, as well as the reasons you are contacting the owner. Determine the plat or lot and block of the property. This survey system is most frequently used to parcel out subdivisions in suburban areas, or define property boundaries in a densely populated urban area.

Method 3. Talk to a real estate agent.

If you see signs in nearby yards for a particular real estate agent, give them a call and ask about the property. An agent selling other houses or property in the area is likely to have knowledge about the neighborhood. In addition to knowledge about the neighborhood including general demographics and property value trends, a real estate agent has contact with title search companies and other professional resources.

A real estate agent's professional connections can enable her to find information about a property owner much faster than you could on your own. Contact a title company. Since title companies routinely perform searches to clear title on properties, and record deeds after title transfers, they have easy access to accurate, current information on a property. If you want to buy the property, connecting with a title search company will be essential, because you will need a complete and accurate history of the property's title and its value. Find a skip tracer. Skip tracers, like bounty hunters, are professionals who find people who've "skipped" out and can't be located by usual means.

Skip tracers are familiar with and have access to a number of databases that may not be available to the general public. Independent skip tracers often work with bounty hunters, bail bondsmen, and private investigators. Ryan Baril. Yes No. Not Helpful 9 Helpful Not Helpful 3 Helpful If you are looking for rental property, usually City Hall has a list of people who own rental property in their town. You might be able to get a Plat book there as well. Not Helpful 0 Helpful 9.

Double Check That Your Home Deed Was Recorded -- Or Else!

The owner's name and physical address is provided in the tax log. The county has to have a place to send the tax forms to each year. Not Helpful 4 Helpful Most County Tax Accessors have an online database that can be searched by address and will provide you with the owner's name and address. The property may, however, be owned by a corporation or trust. You can search for corporation records to identify the officers of the corporation which are probably the owner s. Research county tax collector records for the address, which will give you a name to get you started.

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How do I get the number of a property owner if I have the name and address? If you have the address that the tax bill is sent to, use a reverse search website like Not Helpful 6 Helpful 8. You can check general websites like Craigslist to find places to rent.

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  7. Comment by Stuart Pilkington posted on on 04 January I live next to an alleway which acts as garage and rear access to a number of propertys in the 3 abutting roads. When I moved in it was impassable and I cleared it and built my garage and I have maintained it on my own ever since. I've done some research and it seems that it might be owned by a Trust formed form the builder of the estate late 's but I can't find any leagl documentation to prove that. It is mentioned on my deeds and it states that each abutting property has a right of way and responsibility to maintain it they don't and only 3 houses use it for garage access.

    How do I find out who owns it and if it is possible to purchase it? Stuart - I assume you have already checked and confirmed that it is unregistered and each property has a right to use it etc. As such follow the advice in the blog article re trying to identify the legal owner, if that is what you wish to do, as they would be the seller.

    As such I would suggest that you seek legal advice as to what other options might be available to you.

    One option may be to claim the land but that's a complex area of the law so please do get legal advice.