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Also, upon taking the delivery ensure that spare wheel and other accessories are intact. A long test drive may be needed in case the engine overhauling has been done or head gasket etc. The reading would reveal if the car was misused behind your back. The chances of wheels swapping are likely to happen if your car is due to get the wheel rotation or alignment.

Although chances of this happening are next to none. But you would not want to get old tyres if your car in new. A check for air filter can be easily done by opening the air filter housing and taking it out. The air filter is meant to be replaced after few thousand kms and should be cleaned ever time your car goes for service. It contributes to the engine health in great deal. Inspect your car's lights at every oil change.

Visibility is crucial to staying safe on the road! You should test your battery every fall. If your car's battery is three years old or more, consider replacing it as the chance of failure increases. Does yours need to be replaced? For longest automatic transmission life, have the fluid and filter changed every 24, 36, miles.

Car Maintenance Tips: Top 8 Easy Ways To Prevent Costly Repairs

Does yours need to be changed? Extreme weather is tough on wiper blades! Check and change wiper blades about every six months to ensure safety and visibility. Some fluids levels, like coolant and brake fluid can be seen easily in their reservoirs once the hood is up. Take a look the next time you check your oil! Smell something odd?

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If you perform your own oil changes, dispose of used oil properly! DO NOT pour down a sink or storm drain. Check with your local auto parts store or government for recycling options. How your drive plays a role in your fuel consumption. A flashing check engine light indicates a problem that is currently happening and requires immediate attention.

For your convenience, the Car Care Council developed a Service Interval Schedule to help you keep track of regular maintenance. When the engine fell back down the accelerator would be jammed full on and the only way to recover was to jam the column shift lever into neutral, which would somehow unhook the linkage at the same time.

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Not usually too much of a problem until I jackrabbited away from a left hand turn in front of traffic from three directions I was 17 after all and was suddenly doing unintentional donuts with cars swerving off the road all around me. I managed to haul the shifter into neutral and drive sheepishly away, but I learned the importance of fixing even things that don't prevent your car from going.

Hyundai Grand i10 Nios Service Schedule, Maintenance Cost, Spare Part

Thanks for all the great information, this is going to help me keep my car running. I've been looking for some parts to replace, the timing belt is one of them. I had it break once, and it messed up the whole engine. I'm hoping that we can get it all fixed up soon enough. Wow, , miles!? That's quite a feet - it's rare to see a car on the road these days with that many miles.

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Fortunately, Honda's are very reliable and if you've performed all the required maintenance up until this point you stand a good chance of driving even longer. Perhaps at this level of mileage it would be a good idea to do a really detailed inspection of the entire engine compartment. One thing I would really inspect well is the condition of the rubber parts under the hood - in particular the hoses and the motor mounts. These rubber implements tend to dry out after many years of use. If the radiator has never been replaced it may be time to do so as well.

Your mechanic can check it and determine if it needs to be done or not. Other than that I would say just keep doing your regular maintenance and only replace major things when they break. My friend drove a Ford Focus that had a broken motor mount. The car had less than , miles on it. He ignored the issue and kept driving it. Eventually, around 8 months later, his alternator literally fell out of the car while driving on the freeway.

There was also significant damage to some of the nearby electrical components and hoses. The excessive vibrations from the broken motor mount caused the bolts holding the alternator to the engine to loosen and eventually fall out.

Hyundai EON Service Cost & Maintenance Schedule

Having a 2nd k mile service done on my car honda accord lx since it hit the k mark this month! Thanks so much, this was a great source for me. I love my 15 year old Rav4 but have not really been looking after it. The car looked after itself! It has stood by me and I want to go give back by taking good care it it. Don't know how many years it has left but I can't bring myself to part with it.

I have been figuring out how to start the process. The car has turned , k. Think it will go up to , and beyond. Eugene - Sorry that you had to experience the misfortune of a broken timing belt. Thanks for reading! Bent valves, damaged guides, broken rockers, damaged camshaft. Fortunately no piston was damaged or a con-rod through the block. I've learnt my lesson.

Good tips, here in Japan it is rather rare for people to be still holding onto Car that long due to the increasing road taxes and maintenance cost. Most people will part exchange for a new car after around 5 years. But the car lovers will hang on to a loved car for longer and bear the high maintenance costs. Lanny - I know what you mean. It's a scam for sure. I change my oil every 5, miles. Why do you think that the oil manufacturers always state 3, miles to replace oil when it can last much longer?

Maintenance Schedule | Western Hyundai In Moose Jaw SK

How does that compare with synthetic? Norm - Yes even the old and simple oil change is getting pricey. Today's high performance engines require higher quality oils and filters to maintain long term functionality. This, among other things, drives up the price. If you get tired of maintaining your old car, consider donating it to a charity. I use onlinecardonation. They make everything incredible easy, picked up my donations, and sent me my receipts in the mail really quickly. As someone who drives for business I have almost , mi. The maintenance items you point out here I know are what's necessary to keep your vehicle going.

I use synthetic oil to stretch out my oil changes because I could get enough miles on the car sometimes to change the oil every two weeks. So far so good.

Thank you good a great hub on maintenance. WOW, some one that knows how to take care of a car.