Unix command find ip address

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  7. Obtain IP address or hostname information from a Linux shell prompt?

I often ping a system somewhere else in the US one on which I had an account mny years ago as a test of my network connection. If I can get a response from a system several states up the coast, I must be doing OK. If I'm not OK, then it's time to do a little troubleshooting. The ping command generally behaves in one of two ways. You can also provide the command with a -c option to specify how many times you want to ask.

If I'm trying to verify that the systems that I'm expecting to find on a particular subnet are indeed up, I generally don't want to send each more than one ping.

How to Check IP Address on Linux using Command Line

It takes too long. The traceroute command will attempt to provide a list of all the routers your connections cross when reaching out to a remote system. The output also provides some information on how long each segment of the path takes, thus giving you some notion of the quality of a connection. If traceroute gets to aa point at which it is unable to provide further information, you will start to see asterisks where you used to see system names and timing. The netstat command can tell you about ongoing connections on the local system and ports i.

With a -a option, it gives you even more. Some useful options include -n don't translate IP addresses. When you use this option, the output shows IP addresses and port numbers rather than system and service names. The netstat -i command shows interface statistics for each of your active network interfaces. The nslookup command will do a DNS query for you.

Top Unix/Linux IP lookup tools

I've found that companies are often lax in setting up the reverse lookup PTR records that tie IP addresses back to hostnames, but they are wonderfully useful. Your email address will not be published.

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    How to get your IP Address on Linux

    This indicates that this card has only one IP address. If you want to set more than one IP address i. Dan St. September 1, at pm.

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    What is an IP Address?

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