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Yes, all toll free numbers include virtual voicemail , however, you can choose to use the existing voicemail on any device you forward your number to. Your phone number can also be set to do not disturb mode and forward directly to an unavailable greeting if you wish. You can also forward your toll free number straight to voicemail. Yes, you can forward your number to any group of phones, in any order, and to any type of phone cell, landline, VoIP for that matter. You can also set it up to round-robin or simultaneously ring each phone or extension. You can forward your phone number to unlimited greetings, extensions, voicemails or phones including your existing cell phones, flip-phones, smartphones, softphones, home phones, office phones, VoIP phones, or even old-school landline phones.

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Yes, UniTel Voice offers number texting that allows you to send and receive SMS text messages using your business number. You can get one right here. This gives our customers the ability to search for all available numbers by word, phrase or numeric combination in real-time. True phone numbers were first released in the s, so almost all of them are in use with current companies. UniTel Voice has access to a large supply of true telephone numbers, but they are going fast.

For new business, using a phone number makes you look more established. Simply having an number on your website gives potential customers a sense of trust and reassures them that they can reach your customer service team if there is an issue. But outside of trustworthiness, an easy-to-remember vanity phone number e.

With UniTel Voice, you can even use multiple toll free numbers one for each marketing channel to track calls coming in. If the phone number for your online ads is getting more calls than the number you advertise on the radio—then you know where to better spend your marketing dollars. Unfortunately, true numbers are almost all in use by other companies nowadays. Note: when you use our signup form , you can search the national toll free number database in real-time giving instant access to every available toll free phone number in North America.

There are some toll free service providers out there that rent numbers to businesses. The way it works with some service providers is they have an inventory of some really good phone numbers e. They then rent their numbers to local businesses at high rates. The same phone number can be rented to multiple businesses in different locations using something called geographical call routing.

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The upside for Joe and Wade is that they get to advertise a great number. With phone companies like UniTel Voice, you own your number outright and can port it to another phone company at any time.

If you think renting a phone number will increase sales, you should give it a test run before signing a long-term contract. Pick Your Number Select a toll free number in any toll free area code including , , , , , , , or choose the perfect vanity number for your business. Set Up Call Forwarding Forward your phone number straight to your cell phone or use our automated attendant to greet and route calls to any number of phones, extensions, or voicemail. Most professional phone system providers like Nextiva or RingCentral include a toll-free number at no additional cost with your purchase.

For more information on toll-free numbers as well as where to go to find one, visit our guide on numbers. Consumers are more likely to remember a vanity phone number vs a numeric phone number. The reason is that a vanity phone number is communicated using easy-to-remember words.

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The price of vanity numbers varies widely depending on demand. If you would like to add a vanity number to your business, Grasshopper is an effective virtual phone service provider that lets you choose a toll-free vanity number, making it an affordable alternative to purchasing a number through a larger business phone provider. Check out its website for more details. Visit Grasshopper. The answer to this question can be tricky.

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Below, we discuss which number might be best for your business. Local phone numbers leave the impression of a smaller, more personable, and attentive local business. When your company is represented with a three-digit area code, it shows your customers that you are just as much of a part of the community as they are. This can bring to mind frustrating experiences with call centers, automated menus, and long on-hold times.

Therefore, if you operate a retail shop or a catering hall and want to promote a sense of community or seem more customer service-centric, then a local phone number is the most appropriate option. Companies doing business outside of their local area will want to consider a toll-free number.

A local number can also harm your business by making it seem like a smaller operation. Vanity phone numbers are memorable and associated easily with your business, making them best for print, radio, and TV advertising as well as billboards.

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I liked it so much I rebranded my entire company around it and purchased forcash. In these cases, a local or number might be best. A virtual phone number is any type of number that forwards to an existing line. In the past, getting a new business phone number meant installing a new phone line in your home office or business.

Today, virtual numbers make it possible to add business phone numbers to your existing personal line or device. Google Voice offers free local numbers that can be used for your small business. It lacks features like an auto attendant and extensions, but it serves its purposes if you are looking for a free business phone number. Most services will offer a vanity number lookup page on their website. RingCentral, for example, allows you to enter your desired prefix and any combination of letters and numbers.

The average vanity phone number provider works in a similar fashion. Business phone systems support a network of landline or internet-based phone lines allowing your employees to make and receive calls. There are services for any size of business, from solo entrepreneurs to large call centers. The majority of services allow you to transfer your number, either to or from their system. When it comes to choosing a professional business phone number, most small businesses can use a local phone number and, if you serve a local area, a local business phone number is best.

However, if you advertise or offer products nationwide, consider exploring how to get an number for your business. Many of the best small business VoIP systems include toll-free numbers at no additional cost and vanity numbers for a small additional fee.

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If you are looking for a complete phone system that offers local, toll-free, and vanity numbers, you should consider RingCentral. It also offers additional features like an auto-attendant, voicemail-to-email, faxing, and instant messaging.

Visit RingCentral. Rob Watts is a staff writer at Fit Small Business covering tech and business software. Ultimate Guide Another option: a Spoken Keyword — easy to remember like a vanity number, but you SAY it, after dialing