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The Interstate Information Index may also contain incarceration information as well, listing each time an inmate is transferred from one correctional institution to another as a separate "arrest. It is best used as a guide on where to find more comprehensive information on the individual.

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Citizens who are currently ineligible to own a firearm under current laws may have the opportunity to have their firearms rights restored. Eligibility largely depends on state laws. Private companies are not allowed access to this system for background checks. Criminal submissions from arrests and civil submissions from authorized background checks are stored in IAFIS. CODIS was originally piloted in as a project among 14 states.

Texas Background Checks: What you need to know

While not officially a criminal history repository, the National Driver Register NDR , operated by the Department of Transportation , maintains information on drivers regarding suspended licenses. The NDR maintains a database of information posted by individual states as mandated by federal law. All drivers who have had their licenses suspended for any reason including suspensions resulting from several successive minor traffic violations: Massachusetts suspends for three separate speeding tickets over a six-month period have that information posted by state Registry of Motor Vehicles offices to the NDR.

Also, the NDR records information concerning convictions of driving under the influence of alcohol or controlled substances , failing to render aid at an accident involving death or injury, and knowingly making a false affidavit or committing perjury to officials about an activity governed by a law or regulation on the operation of a motor vehicle. Additionally, the NDR contains information on traffic violations resulting from a fatal automobile accident.

Secure Flight , operated by the Transportation Security Administration , screens United States airline passengers to see if they are on terrorism watch lists. It is possible to obtain copies of criminal records maintained by Federal agencies under the Freedom of Information Act and the Privacy Act.

In general, you may only obtain records concerning yourself, deceased individuals, or living individuals who have given you their permission to obtain their records. Most states have a statewide agency that acts as a clearinghouse for all statewide arrest information.

These so-called "state rap sheets" are usually much more detailed than the Interstate Identification Index; usually listing not only the arrest information, but the subsequent court action following that arrest.

Thus through NLETS, a law enforcement agency in one state could search for someone's criminal and driver records in another state. In the United States, criminal records may be expunged , though laws vary by state. Many types of offenses may be expunged, ranging from parking fines to felonies.

However, when applicants for a state professional license or job that is considered a public office or high security such as security guard, law enforcement, or related to national security must confess if they have an expunged conviction or else be denied clearance by the DOJ. With few exceptions, there is no post-conviction relief available in the federal system other than a presidential pardon. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.

Texas Background Check: Records Database to Use

This article needs additional citations for verification. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources. On one side, employers want and need such background checks because they could be held liable if someone they hire with a criminal history injures someone or damages property. Also, employers understandably want to hire someone they feel they can trust. On the other hand, persons with a criminal record need a fresh start, and a new job is a vital part of that. With an estimated 90 percent or more of employers running background checks, you can almost assume you will be subjected to such a check of your criminal record.

But again, certain rules must be followed by employers. That means if an employer asks on your job application if you have a criminal history, you should answer honestly. You should not lie. However, if your charge was dismissed without an admission of guilt, that charge would not show up on a criminal background check.

Also, if you were arrested but never charged, the arrest should not show up on an employment background check. In fact, anti-discrimination laws prohibit this. Employers should not find any criminal convictions before you turned eighteen.

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If they find out about it they should not be using that information to render an employment decision. There are some other exceptions to the seven year limit. For a job for an insurance company, the employer may perform a background check to your eighteenth birthday. That includes UPS and FedEx drivers, plumbers, electricians, apartment maintenance workers, cable installers, landscapers, and so forth. Keep in mind that this seven year limitation applies when employers hire outside businesses to perform background checks.

How to Obtain Your Criminal Record in Texas

Few employers outside of government agencies perform their own investigations; but it is important to know that the seven year rule is not absolute. Additionally, Texas permits government agencies including both state and local agencies and departments to look back to your eighteenth birthday. Texas also follows a rule for public jobs to not hire felons; but the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission and several federal courts call this rule into question.

For now, at least, the background check will uncover every conviction as an adult. If you accepted straight probation or deferred adjudication instead of prosecution for an alleged crime, your employer will be able to identify the crime if you were convicted, if you were required to make a guilty plea, or pled no contest. If the charge is dismissed without any admission of guilt then it will not show up on a background check. This issue is important because when an employer asks about your criminal history on a job application you need to pay attention to the question asked.

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  6. If the question asks about convictions, guilty pleas or pleas of no contest, then you would have to honestly answer that you have something in your history that is responsive to the question. The background check discloses the plea.

    Texas Background Checks laws & HR compliance analysis

    When the background check results appear the employer terminates you because you were dishonest on the application. Texas courts hold this is not dishonesty and you would be eligible for unemployment benefits. However, understand that the employer could still terminate you for the underlying crime.