Decode a vehicle identification number

In some cases, it's the letter that begins the manufacturer's name.

It may sound confusing, but the next digit ties it all together. The third digit, when combined with the first two letters or numbers, indicates the vehicle's type or manufacturing division. This Wikipedia page has a list of WMI codes.

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Numbers 4 through 8 describe the car with such information as the model, body type, restraint system, transmission type and engine code. Number 9 is the check digit, which is used to detect invalid VINs. The number that appears varies and is based on a mathematical formula that the U. Department of Transportation developed.

In the 10th position, you'll see a letter indicating the model year. The letters from B to Y correspond to the model years to From to , the numbers 1 through 9 were used in place of letters. The alphabet started over from A in and will continue until Yes, it's confusing. The letter or number in position 11 indicates the manufacturing plant where the vehicle was assembled.

Each automaker has its own set of plant codes. The last six digits positions 12 through 17 are the production sequence numbers, which each car receives on the assembly line. We entered the VIN of a few vehicles that were once in the Edmunds long-term test fleet, and the search came up with some interesting information. There was one item that stood out: The VIN decoder shows the manufacturer is Subaru, not Scion now reabsorbed back into Toyota , but that's not an error.

Decoded VIN:

Both are manufactured at Subaru's plant in Japan. When we did a search for the VIN of another former test vehicle, a Chevrolet Volt, there was a hidden bit of trivia in the fuel type. It erroneously says that the Volt can run on E85 ethanol in addition to gasoline.

General Motors originally intended to launch the Volt with a flex-fuel variant, but the emissions package was not ready for the car's introduction, according to the automaker. The E85 compatibility apparently was incorporated into the VIN data before GM decided a flex-fuel version wouldn't be ready in time for No flex-fuel version of the Volt ever surfaced. The Fiat is a reminder of just how globalized automakers have become. Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is an Italian-American multinational carmaker that manufactured the at Chrysler's plant in Toluca, Mexico.

As shown above, the 10th character of the VIN indicates its model year.

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The 1st character in a car's vehicle identification number indicates the country in which it was manufactured. Building Report. Decode the VIN If you're like most people, you probably think a vehicle identification number VIN is just a series of random characters. We've been operating since Years of experience have taught us what information is most important for buyers of second-hand cars. We work hard to keep our customers satisfied every day. Is the car registered in databases of stolen vehicles?

What are its odometer readings?

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Has it had any damage? Are there any manufacturing faults you should know of?

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What was the previous use of the car? What are photos from vehicle exploitation What is its technical data?

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How many previous owners has it had? The seller has given you a long list of pros? Be wary, check the vehicle history!