Maine department of motor vehicle accident reports

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  • Have You Gotten in a Maine Car Accident Today? File a Lawsuit!.
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Emergency We have no such fundraiser, nor do we raise funds through phone calls. Topsham Police Department is Hiring! See Topsham Hiring Accouncement Below. The Topsham Police Department is a progressive, full service law enforcement agency serving the Town of Topsham, Maine, a community of about 12, residents located approximately 30 minutes north of Portland in Maine's Midcoast Region. After hours, walk-in customers are directed to use a lobby intercom system which is connected directly to the Sagadahoc County Communications Center.

By promptly notifying your insurer, and cooperating with their investigation, you give them the best chance to defend your position. Reporting the accident, even a fender-bender , will help protect you later if the other driver decides to blame you for the crash, or starts to complain of injuries. Failing to notify your insurance company can cause the company to raise your premiums, decide not to renew your policy, or even cancel your auto insurance.

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  • The Process of Ordering a Maine Crash Report.

When the local police, county sheriff, or Maine Highway Patrol arrive at the accident scene, they are there to perform an important job. The police investigation and accident report can ultimately help you with your insurance claim. What is the role of law enforcement at accident scenes? Law enforcement officers are highly trained in accident investigation.

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When the police respond to a car crash, they are authorized to:. While you have the right to try to tell your side of the story, the officer is not required to listen to you. The police have a job to do. When a police officer asks you to wait or otherwise gives you directions, you must cooperate. Never argue with the police. If the investigating officer decides you violated Maine traffic laws , you may be issued a citation.

You can try to persuade the officer not to give you a ticket, but once the citation is issued, you should accept it. Accepting a traffic ticket is not an admission of guilt. If you want to argue about the citation, do it in court, not at the accident scene. Maine is not a no-fault insurance state, where each driver in a crash relies on their own insurance and pays their own expenses. When it comes to auto insurance, if you make a claim on your own insurance policy, you are a making a first-party claim.

Medical Payments coverage protects you and anyone else covered under your auto policy, even if the accident is your fault. What do I need to know about comparative negligence laws? Maine follows the Comparative Negligence rule, meaning you can file an accident claim against the other driver, even if you are partially at fault liable for the accident, so long as the other driver is more to blame for the accident than you. Alvin was driving west on Maple Street to pick up his daughter from daycare. He was on his cell phone , texting his wife to let her know he was running late.

At the same time, Molly was driving northbound on Washington Street, heading home from school. As she approached the intersection of Washington and Maple, she sped up to make it through the intersection before the yellow traffic light turned red.

10 Critical Steps After a Maine Car Accident

Unfortunately, the light turned red as Molly entered the intersection. During trial, the evidence showed Molly failed to stop at the red light, so she was legally responsible for causing the accident. However, the jury also saw evidence that showed Alvin was texting at the time of the accident. Remember, the Maine comparative negligence law means that if the other driver is partially or equally to blame for the accident, they may only be entitled to a partial settlement or nothing at all from you or your insurance company. Some injury claims will require the expertise of a skilled attorney to persuade the insurance company to pay enough to adequately compensate you for your damages.

There are other claims which can be successfully handled without an attorney. Before deciding to represent yourself in a personal injury claim, think about the type of injuries you suffered in the accident:. Soft tissue injury claims are uncomplicated and usually consist of medical, chiropractic, or physical therapy bills, some lost wages, and a limited amount of pain and suffering. Hard injury claims are complicated, requiring the insurance company to pay out significantly more money for a fair settlement.

Insurance companies count on that and regularly offer far less settlement money to claimants without legal representation. Experienced personal injury attorneys have the skills, knowledge and legal tools needed to compel the insurance company to pay a settlement amount you deserve, to fairly compensate you for your injuries and suffering. Most reputable personal injury attorneys offer a free initial consultation.

You can meet with more than one attorney before choosing who will represent you. Bring those documents to the first consultation with each attorney you meet. Small Claims Court is a faster, easier, and less formal way to resolve small claims. Small claims actions in Maine are heard in the District Court and are decided by the judge.

Do I sue the at-fault driver or the insurance company? A statute of limitations is the legal time period for an accident victim to either settle their insurance claim or file a lawsuit. Maine has a six-year statute of limitations for property damage and personal injury claims. This means you have six years from the date of the accident to settle your claim or file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver. The insurance company and the claims adjuster are not obligated to settle your claim before time runs out.

If you miss the six-year deadline, there is nothing you can do to make them pay for your damages. Be aware of the statute of limitations deadline for your accident. Schedule reminders for yourself well in advance of the deadline. Put alerts on your phone, mark the date on your calendar, or whatever it takes to remind you.

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What if someone is injured? What if I hit an unattended vehicle? Do I have to report the accident to police? What information do I give the other driver? How can I request a copy of the accident report?

Maine Car Accident Statistics

What are Damages? Where do I start? Are photographs or video important? What is a Cooperation Clause? Can I use an app to report the accident? Do the police have to listen to me? What is third-party liability? How much insurance coverage is required in Maine?