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Request Forms If you would like a certified copy of a vital record, you will need to complete a copy request form and present a photo ID. Absentee Ballot Information.

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Trade Name Certificate. The right to research in vital records that is, to go into an office and browse through the records, including birth records less than years old is restricted to members of genealogy societies that are incorporated in the state of Connecticut.

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The CSL maintains a list of approved societies. Skip to content. Land and vital records have always been created at the town level. That means you need to know when the town was founded and from what earlier town if any it was created. Consult the List of Connecticut Towns for details. Vital records for all towns have been microfilmed up to about Many land records have also been microfilmed.

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More recently, many town clerks have begun digitizing land records. See also the Connecticut Death Index, at Ancestry.

See also the Connecticut, Marriage Index, at Ancestry. The documents and records on these important life events can be made up of divorce decrees, divorce certificates and other divorce records, birth certificates, death certificates, marriage licenses, marriage certificates. Vital files are all stored together in one central record registry to be used in future statistical analysis. Divorce records are given out by government officials in the state of Connecticut, but only after the divorce or annulment in question is registered with the state.

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Divorce records in Connecticut are more often than not stored by the clerk of the relevant superior court. The Connecticut State Library hold some of the earliest divorce records.

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The records in question can include divorce certificates and divorce decrees, as well as other divorce-related documents. It depends on the state itself as to whether the files can be accessed and copied by members of the public. There was a divorce rate of 2.

Marriage records are also distributed by the government after the wedding is registered with the state. Connecticut began recording some records as early as These were recorded by town clerks and may be found in the relevant town records.